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How can we account for the exponential increase in worldwide mass protests over the past twenty years? While protests are not new, their rate and size are. Today, thousands of people can be assembled instantaneously to demonstrate for or against a variety of causes that in the past might not have attracted more than a handful of people.


Rape as a Weapon of Genocide
This article analyzes recent Iraqi texts, some authorizing and others condemning rape as a weapon of war. The focus is on Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) perpetrators of sexual violence, their Yazidi victims, and two women’s demands for reparative, restorative justice.


In May 2013, Syrian graphic artist Sana Yazigi launched The Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution. It is still going strong. A trilingual website, it archives intellectual and artistic responses to the Syrian revolution that endures since 2011 despite attempts to repress it.


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