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Por mais de quatro décadas os debates sobre o hijab se alastravam pelo mundo árabe muçulmano, opondo conservadores e reformistas em um contexto político conformado pelo colonialismo europeu. Em 1927, os xeiques sírios decretaram que as mulheres deveriam cobrir o rosto…


This article examines the ways in which Syrian poet and artist Huda Naamani expresses the inexpressible of ecstasy. In a Sufi epic poem entitled Kitāb al-wajd wa al-tawājud (The Book of Ecstasy and its Indicators), she acknowledges the impossibility of recording the ecstatic experience in words on a page.


How can we account for the exponential increase in worldwide mass protests over the past twenty years? While protests are not new, their rate and size are. Today, thousands of people can be assembled instantaneously to demonstrate for or against a variety of causes that in the past might not have attracted more than a handful of people.


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